Frank J. Kekeisen
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Link         

Judy Lynn Armstrong
Chuck & Cathi Vaaler

AutoCenters Nissan
Roy & Lola Dossett             

Christina M. Gibson                           
Tom & Ellie Jones
Robert & Barbara Lindecke
Dan & Carolyn Thornton


Ron Acker
Don & Donna Bale
Susan Boland
Garret & Jackie Coffman
Peggy Eggers
Barbara Jarman & Jim Planer
Jim & Kathy Komorech
Mary & Jim Krafcik
Dorothy Meppiel & Michael Carter
Ruth Peterson
Jerry & Anne Quinn
Gabriela & Russ Scalpone
Carole Stafford
Andy Waggoner

Kay Cannon
Colleen & Mohammed Kashif

Betty Livengood
Holly & Glenn Mathis
Sherry Myles
James Poinsett
Sandy Runyon
Brent & Beverly Stewart

Bob & Joan Lauterwasser
Alison & Chris Telschow

In Honor of Barbara Jarman & Jim Planer by Diane Woepke
In Honor of Timothy & Stacie Martin by Debby & Larry Martin
In Memory of Betty Gnaegy by Ron Acker, Ruth Peterson,
Wayne & Barbara Schmitz
In Memory of John E. “Jack” Brueggeman by Dottie Meppiel
In Memory of James Eric “Jimmy” Cullen by Norma van Gent
In Memory of Gloria Kekeisen by Frank J. Kekeisen
In Memory of Steve Kreisle by Kris & Bert Emmons
In Memory of Carol Kun by Ron Acker, Wayne & Barb Schmitz
In Memory of Beverly Pfleegor by Betty Livengood, Judith A. Jackson

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