If you are interested in serving, please read the following information

Step One:

Download the available positions by clicking the download button below.

Step Two:

See where your position falls in the organizational structure:

Step Three:

Send a message to Alison Telschow, our President-Elect.

She will forward the info to the appropriate VP.

Click here to go to the message center to email Alison.

The St. Louis County Community Chorus offers everyone the joyful experience of singing together. We celebrate your individuality and welcome people of every age, race and nationality, every gender identity, sexual orientation and marital status, every physical and mental ability, every socioeconomic status and educational level, every religion and political opinion, and every life experience. Our common bond is the joy of singing together in harmony. We invite you to become a chorus member or to attend our concerts.

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Everyone has a song to sing