Whether you are coming from another choir as an experienced singer or if you've not sung since your third-grade talent show, you are welcome to audition. Don't be scared of the word "AUDITION!" It is really just a time for us to evaluate a few things. First is "pitch retention," which means you can match and sustain pitch given to you on the piano. Second, we need to know your "vocal range/part." Basically, this helps us figure out how high or low you sing. The audition allows us to place you in the correct section. Finally, the audition gives the Artistic Director a chance to meet you and hear your story! 

Rehearsals are on Tuesday with times TBD. Masks will be required during the Spring 2021 session. Dues are currently $45 per session and are payable prior to each session. Dues cover the cost of music, rehearsal and performance spaces, staff, orchestra and musicians for concerts, advertising, etc. There is also a one-time assessment for a music folder and concert attire. The Chorus has rehearsal guidelines and expectations of its members. These are discussed during new member orientation.

An entire village of people works to ensure the Chorus runs smoothly. We highly encourage member involvement with our many committees and events.

Auditions for Spring 2021 are closed. 

Please check back for fall audition information.